Black Barn Farm Topiary was founded in 2000 by Matthew Larkin, partner with Elaine Grant in Grant Larkin Furniture and Interiors. Begun as a response to the unavailability of large scale topiary in the United States, we have grown out specimen yew (taxus), boxwood (buxus), beech (fagus) and hornbeam (carpinus). The bulk of our work, however, is focused on the design and fabrication of welded steel frames for site-specific topiary installations. We work through concept and drawing phases to realize the clients requests as best suited to the medium and art form. Our service offers a unique blend of design, horticultural knowledge, and fabrication skills. We have studied the history and practice of topiary extensively, maintaining a thorough private library of period and contemporary texts. We can source large scale plant material and arrange for delivery to your site, then follow through with installation of the steel frames and initial training of the plant material. Our frames are designed to act as a complete form to allow subsequent clipping by the owner, or we are happy to schedule routine visits to maintain the living sculpture.

Topiary, by nature, is a slow process which often takes as much as 10 years to fully realize the desired shape. Our frames, and often the chosen plant material, help advance this process considerably, by providing a structure upon which to encourage growth. We will also share our experience in clipping techniques that will help to speed the progress. Topiary can add considerable impact to any garden, on any scale. Whether you are looking for a whimsical green animal, or the severe formality that only clipped geometric shrubs can offer a garden, Black Barn Farm Topiary is the only choice. We are located in the rolling hills of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, and are more than happy to receive guests at the farm by appointment.